JCT have a managing system of quality whose book can be looked over in the company headquarters.

JCT's mission is to create environments that promote the aesthetic and functional well-being of their customers.
In order to accomplish their mission, JCT elaborate architectural and engineering projects and provide technical assistance to the building process.

For JCT quality means:

> Elaborating architectural and engineering projects which give shape and body
   to their customers' ideas, as well as satisfaction to their needs and expectations;
> Informing their customers of legal and regulatory requirements or proceedings,
   which may limit their wish in order to eliminate undesirable surprises along the
   licence and construction processes;
> Acting in order to protect their customers' interests, according to the established
   laws and regulations, as well as respecting the good ethical and professional

As far as their mission is concerned, JCT activity obeys to strategic objectives of quality defined and monitored by the Direction.
For the 2007-2008 biennium, the following objectives were defined:

> Implementing and optimizing the QMS, in order to achieve its certification based
   in the Norm NP ISO 9001:2000.
> Increasing our customers' satisfaction so that they may be our "ambassadors"
   in the process of getting new customers.
> Improving the coordination between the different specialties (architecture and
   engineering) involved in a project so as to minimize mistakes and omissions.
> Improving the control of execution of the building works, assuring its fidelity to
   the project, or alternatively, perfecting the project according to features revealed
   along the building process.